About Ashworth Photo Group

The essence of an Ashworth image is beauty and soul with photographer Kevan Ashworth’s personal lens as the starting point. Clearly Kevan sees the world through rose coloured glasses; where there is beauty – he enhances it, if beauty is absent – he visually peels back the layers to find it. Then when his vision comes into view, he raises the camera to his eye and trains the lens on his subject. This is the moment when a professional image is created and the end result sets him apart from his competition.

Clients often inspect their final images and turn to look out the window at the subject in amazement. They usually can’t articulate it, but they know that Ashworth has captured the soul of their product. The colours are more vivid than meets the average eye capturing a story that the market wants to buy.

Ashworth believes that too much retouching and computer manipulation is an excuse for lack of technical expertise. He started out in photography when cameras needed to be loaded and film needed to be developed. His career has seen him serving professional photographers at his photofinishing lab and working as a Photographer and Film Maker.

Kevan is considered to be a well-rounded photographer who is comfortable shooting in many photographic genre, but his clients are top-heavy in the resort, tourism, golf and aerial markets.

Client List

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Clublink Corporation, Resorts of Ontario, Newfoundland Tourism, Delta Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Tourism London, NMP Golf, CBRE, Troon Golf, Golf North, Inns of North America, Ontario’s Finest Inns ( members ), Hockley Valley Resort, Cedar Grove Lodge, Couples Resort, Bartlett Lodge, Windermere House, Clevelands House, Le Crystal Hotel, Le Grande Lodge, Warner Chilcott, Nestle’s Foods, Pillers Meats, Marriott Hotels.